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About us
Animekon is an anime website featuring anime, manga and gaming news, reviews, trailers and image galleries, stories with a loli twist, and various other stories mostly coming out of Japan. Full anime episodes are also available for free streaming, via Crunchyroll.

The website's content is maintained by Serban Stokker (Stokky), with prior contribution from Paul Sarateanu (doomnezeu). The website was developed by Serban Stokker.

The "kon Network" began in July 2006 with the launch of Animekon. In September 2006, the second website was added to the network - TVkon, featuring trailers for games, movies and animes, which are also integrated in the other websites. Next came CryoCopy, launched in spring 2007 as a web archiving service that allows manual caching of Internet pages (also used by the other content-focused websites). By July 2007, a completely new version of Animekon was finished, which allowed for faster deployment of the following websites based on the same code - Wipefest (a World of Warcraft blog) in late 2007, and the gaming website Playkon in February 2008. Scikon followed in October 2008 as a simple science news aggregator website, with the same code also being used by Animekon Feeds as of February 2009.

Animekon staff

Serban Stokker (Oradea, Romania) - editor, web developer
   - editor at the Romanian "PC Games" magazine (2002-2005)
   - founder, editor and web developer of / (2000-2007)

Paul Sarateanu (Oradea, Romania) - former editor
   - editor at the Romanian "PC Games", "PCG Special" and "Next" magazines (2003-2009)

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