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Also known as:  Haunted Academy, School in the Crosshairs, Neragaku
Release date:  
The anime film Nerawareta Gakuen is created by Sunrise's Studio 8, based on Taku Mayumura's 1973 sci-fi children's novel also known as Haunted Academy. The story is set in Abeno 6th Middle School, a prep school attended by the main character Kouji Seki. The school puts a high emphasis on studying, but the resulting stress leads to unruly students. A beautiful girl named Michiru Takamizawa is elected the student council president, and she begins ruling over the school with a brutal iron fist. Kouji rises up against Michiru, and Kazumi Kusumoto joins him in the battle with the student council, but soon finds out that a psychic boy is actually pulling the strings from behind the curtains.
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