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Pokemon: Best Wishes! Season 2

Also known as:  Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2, Pokémon: Best Wishes! 2, Pokemon: Black and White Season 2, Pokemon: Black & White 2
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The 2nd season of the TV anime Pokemon: Best Wishes! continues this series created by studio OLM (Oriental Light and Magic), and features the appearance of the legendary telekinetic Pokémon Meloetta. The new series also includes Team Rocket boss Sakaki (Giovanni), Sinnoh-region Champion Shirona (Cynthia), and Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl's Hikari (Dawn) and her Pokémon Piplup. The new series will have Satoshi (Ash) reuniting with Shirona and traveling together to East Isshu. There, the characters will participate in a "Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup" to be able to challenge Isshu-region Champion Adeku (Alder). A new rival for Satoshi will also appear in the series. (based on ANN synopsis)
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