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Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai

Also known as:  Aura: Maryuinkoga Saigo no Tatakai, Aura Movie, Aura
Release date:  
The anime film Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai is created by studio AIC A.S.T.A, based on a school romantic comedy light novel written by Romeo Tanaka and illustrated by Mebae. The story follows Ichirou "Menzu" Satou, a high school freshman who forgets his textbook at school one day. Ichirou encounters a beautiful girl while sneaking back into his school in the dead of night. The girl calls herself a witch from a parallel world. Ichirou used to suffer delusions of grandeur like this, but vowed to stop so that he can successfully re-invent himself as a freshman in high school. (based on ANN synopsis)
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