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Also known as:  GJ-bu, GJ-bu Chuutou-bu, GJ-bu Chuto-bu, Good Job Club, Junior High School Division
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The TV anime series GJ-bu is created by studio Dogakobo, based on Shin Araki's spin-off light novel series GJ-bu Chuutou-bu (Good Job Club Junior High School). The moe slice-of-life story follows a middle school girl named Shinomiya Kasumi, who is the sister of the main protagonist in the original GJ-bu novels, Kyouya. She and her other friends - the mysterious Amatsuka Seira and Canadian girl Geraldine Bernstein, who communicates using a white board - launch an undefined activity club called the "Good Job Club" in her junior high; imitating the same club her highschool brother is in. (based on Moetron synopsis)
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