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Bodacious Space Pirates

Also known as:  Mouretsu Pirates, Moretsu Pirates, Mouretsu Space Pirates, Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku, Miniskirt Uchuu Kaizoku, Mini-Skirt Space Pirates, Miniskirt Space Pirates, Violent Pirates
Release date:  
The TV anime series Bodacious Space Pirates (Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku) is created by studio Satelight (Macross Frontier), based on the space-opera adventure novels authored by Yuichi Sasamoto and illustrated by Noriyuki Matsumoto, also known as Mini-Skirt Space Pirates. The story centers around a spirited high school girl named Marika. She keeps herself busy with the space yacht club and her part-time job at a high-class retro cafe. One day, two men suddenly appear and claim to be subordinates of her dead father. They demand that she assume command of the space pirate ship Benten Maru. A privateer ship's compact was made during a war of independence a century ago, and according to that compact, the ship must be inherited by the captain's next direct descendant. Marika finds herself embarking on a new life as a space pirate. (based on ANN synopsis)
Permalink: anime-634

Edwinroowrote on Apr 1, 2011 at 19:21
can't wait to see this oneee :D
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