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Also known as:  Vocaloid 2 (2007), Vocaloid2 (2007), Vocaloid 3 (2011), Vocaloid3 (2011)
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Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer developed by Yamaha Corporation. Each Vocaloid pack is sold as "a singer in a box", designed to act as a replacement for an actual singer, whose vocals are specially recorded, and can be used to synthesize singing using the software, by typing in lyrics and melody. The first Vocaloids were released in 2004 (Leon and Lola for Zero-G's English version, and Meiko for Crypton Future Media's Japanese version). Vocaloid 2 followed in 2007 with plenty more voice packs (starting with Sweet Ann in English, and Hatsune Miku in Japanese - who quickly became the most popular Vocaloid ever). Other popular Vocaloid2 releases from Crypton were Kagamine Rin and Len at the end of 2007, and Megurine Luka in mid 2008. The software's latest iteration, Vocaloid 3, debuted in October 2011.
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Fiawrote on Aug 5, 2013 at 14:45
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