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Also known as:  Katherine, Cathy
Release date:  
Catherine is the first HD game coming from Atlus, as an action-adventure with adult and horror elements. The game is developed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, by a team that reunites key members from the Persona franchise. The anime production company Studio 4C (Tekkon Kinkreet, First Squad) is also contributing with some impressive animation cinematics. Aside from the obvious titular character Catherine, the game's protagonist will be Vincent - a lousy salaryman aged 32, who one day meets our 22-year-old mystery woman. From that night on, he starts having recurring nightmares, in which he finds himself in a world of unending stairs, often half-naked and taking the appearance of a sheep. The action will apparently alternate between this hellish dream world, and the real world - sometimes with Catherine by your side in bed; sometimes drinking with friends at the bar; sometimes watching news reports so frightening, you'd rather go back to sleep again...
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