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Getting lost in the moutains for a couple of weeks and imploding my vertebrae with a ten-ton rucksack was fun and all, but something was missing. Something like... ze internets! And with it, all things anime that I've lost track of - which I'll gladly recap below (except for those already covered by my comrade), as I also bring myself up to date. Talk about shooting two birds with one stone. Or two lolis with one camera. Yes, twins!

- Aki Sora - if you thought Kiss x Sis was risky, wait till you see this one: a single-episode OVA literally translating as Autumn Sky, based on Masahiro Itosugi's "line-crossing" manga about "the taboo relationship between a high school boy named Sora Aoi and his smart, athletic, "perfect" older sister Aki". Oh noes, the older sisters trend is taking over! The OVA will be bundled with Volume 3 of this incestuous manga, out on December 18, 2009.

- Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu - a "heartwarming comedy" anime series jointly produced by Satelight, Hal Film Maker and JM Animation studios, featuring 3 loli sisters cosplaying as / transforming into various animals. ANN has more details about it, and our local gallery holds some images ninja'd from a random Japanese website. Begins in October 2009.

- Aoi Hitomi no Onna no Ko no Ohanashi - a TV special that aired in Japan on August 13, about a blue-eyed girl from a remote mountainous area during WWII. Looks rather fail.

- Arakawa Under the Bridge - based on a quirky romantic gag comedy manga by Hikaru Nakamura, themed around the "denpa-kei" genre in which strange happenings are caused by electromagnetic waves ( la Denpa teki na Kanojo). In a later update, ANN picked word that the anime adaptation is being done by studio SHAFT, and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo (Bakemonogatari, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei).

- Deadman Wonderland - based on a rather violent manga that takes place after most of Tokyo was destroyed by an earthquake. The titular venue is "a bizarre privatized prison that is one part incarceration and one part public spectacle for tourists". The anime's official announcement will reportedly be made on August 26, when the manga's 6th volume will be released in Japan.

- Fate/stay night Movie - the upcoming anime film was recently confirmed to be an entirely new work, covering the Unlimited Blade Works storyline from Type-Moon's game franchise. The core of Studio DEEN's team that did the earlier anime series, along with its voice actors, are reuniting for this promising movie. Premieres on January 23, 2010 (website).

- GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class OVA - not quite official yet, but if Sofmap's listing is accurate, this summer's slice-of-life anime series will be followed by an OVA in April 2010.

- Garo: Red Requiem - a 3D animated remake of the Garou TV drama, which followed a knight in shiny, golden armor, as he battles horrific magical beasts bent on decimating humanity. Premieres in 2010 (website).

- Goulart Knights - the first anime project produced by Lantis, a name which has become synonimous with music production in dozens upon dozens of great anime titles from the past decade. ANN has the gist of the project's fantasy story, but no release date as of yet.

- Hakuouki - based on a yaoi'ish PS2 game by Idea Factory, which by the way is getting a side-story also for the PS2, plus a PSP version, both this month. Girls, they're all yours!

- Hoshi ni Negai o Fantastic Cat - that doujin anime we kept wondering about last autumn is finally ready for its theatrical debut this month. It kind of looks like Amuri in Star Ocean, but with the lead character Hikari vaguely reminiscent of Misaki from NHK ni Youkoso! (either that, or I really miss watching NHK again). Premieres at the end of August 2009 (website).

- Hyakko - just a short 10-minute anime DVD bundled with the next Hyakko manga volume, out this October 12. Doesn't quite qualify as a full-fledged OVA.

- Kaidan Restaurant - the anime adaptation of a very prolific anthology of horror storybooks otheriwse known as Thriller Restaurant. Each episode will have an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert "dish", as in three stories, more or less related to a certain sixth-grade schoolgirl. Begins in October 2009.

- Kanokon: Manatsu no Daishanikusai - the second Kanokon anime revealed not long ago turns out to be an OVA, actually, not a TV series (not yet). Its two planned DVD & Blu-ray volumes - whose title translates as The Great Midsummer's Carnival - will be released on November 25 and December 12, 2009; followed by a 300-minute DVD-Box on January 22.

- Kemono to Chat - an OVA adaptation of Takayuki Mizushina's 4-panel manga about a high school girl who can understand (lol)cat talk. And even speak with them. They say Usagi.Ou studio is animating this seemingly-single episode OVA for an October 23, 2009 release.

- Miracle Train - this oh-so-gay anime anthropomorpholizilation-or-something of Tokyo's train stations now has a title and release date - Miracle Train: Ouedo-sen e Youkoso (Welcome to Ouedo Line). Begins in October 2009.

- Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku - based on a "politics x mahjong action" manga also known as The Legend of Koizumi - since the main character is based on Japan's ex-prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi. "In this political parody, Koizumi plays a special form of "mahjong diplomacy" against foreign adversaries such as George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, and others", writes ANN. In Soviet Russia, comics parody you!

- Sekirei: Pure Engagement - oh yes, a second season for last year's TV anime Sekirei was announced a few days ago, and studio Seven Arcs returns to work with the rest of the production team and seiyuu harem. The ecchi must flow!

- Senkou no Night Raid - one of three new TV series announced by Aniplex and TV Tokyo, as part of their recently revealed project "Anime no Chikara". This one will be a spy action anime set in 1931 Shanghai, directed by Jun Matsumoto (Persona: Trinity Soul), and produced by Yutaka Oomatsu (Blood+). You can get a feel for it from this image posted by Dengeki. Begins in 2010.

- So-Ra-No-Wo-To - the first TV series announced for the aforementioned "Anime no Chikara" project, better spelled as Sora no Oto (Sound of the Sky), but not to be confused with another upcoming anime series called Sora no Otoshimono. Dengeki has images for this one, as well, showcasing some character designs by Meru Kishida (Atelier Rorona). Begins in January 2010 (website).

- Sugar Town - some random fantastical anime set in random land of random candy. To be ignored.

- Uchurei! - a "summer supernatural teen comedy" anime series that's been streaming on TV Tokyo's website for a few days now. It's about a boy who ends up living with a space alien's spirit that he names Uchurei. Not particularly impressive, judging by the first two damn-short episodes.

- Umi Monogatari (Sea Story) - an unaired episode will be included on the sixth and final DVD volume, when it's released on March 26, 2010. Until then, other new anime shorts will also be included on the DVD version, starting from volume 2 (out on November 22). The first DVD, by the way, is coming this October 28. Can't wait for the whole series to end.

- Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru - an upcoming anime based on a boys-love manga by whoever, about whatever. Do not want.

- Working!! - the anime adaptation of a four-panel manga about a part-timer working in a family restaurant from Hokkaido, in the making at studio A-1 Pictures. For now, just an artwork we yanked from its barren website.

- Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou - the TV anime series' unaired "episode 0" will be bundled with the first DVD & Blu-ray volume, out in Japan this October 23.

- Yuria 100 Shiki - the sci-fi romance comedy manga also known as Yuria Type 100 is being adapted into some sort of video format. Most likely an anime, given the manga's juggling on the edge between ecchi and hentai. "The title character is a sex robot whose artificial intelligence is so advanced that she escapes from her creator and decides to live with a college boy in his appartment." Yeah, you don't want your grandma seeing this.

- Zaidan Houjin Occult Designer Gakuin - and finally, the third new anime that will be part of Aniplex and TV Tokyo's joint project "Anime no Chikara". This one was announced as an occult horror and school comedy TV anime series, headed by director Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Blood: The Last Vampire). Begins in 2010.
anonymouswrote on Aug 14, 2009 at 22:12
The Fate/Stay Night movie premieres January 23, 2010, not 2009.
Stokkywrote on Aug 14, 2009 at 22:52
Ah yes, that makes more sense.
Konawrote on Nov 13, 2009 at 07:47
Looking forward to Hakuouki's anime, though I am curious as to which studio offered to adapt it.
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