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As far as TV airings go, one could say that Bakemonogatari came to an end on September 25, when the 12th episode ("Tsubasa Cat - Part 2") aired in Japan. But on the same day, the anime series' official website confirmed that the show must - and will - go on, with three more unaired episodes left to be released online. Yep, for free, starting this October 28. That's when episode 13 ("Tsubasa Cat - Part 3") will be made available on said website, to be followed by episodes 14 and 15 soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the anime's Blu-ray and DVD versions have begun releasing over in Japan. The first volume came out on September 30, and the next ones are planned for October 28 (volume 2), November 25 (volume 3), December 23 (volume 4) and early 2010 (volume 5).

This would be a good time to remind you that Bakemonogatari ranked first in a certain Summer 2009 Anime Season's Top 10 compiled on 2ch. So if you have yet to watch it, the question is not "if", but "when": can you wait for all the unaired episodes to be released online?... I'm sure trying to.

P.S. To ease the wait (or rather make it worse?), a local Bakemonogatari gallery update is coming up tonight. Hold your pants on...
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