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Paradox-kun (and loli justice) has just scored a critical strike, resulting in a fully uncensored streaming of Strike Witches episodes 3 and 4 by FUNimation as of yesterday! Mind you, not even the original Japanese TV airing had this level of nudity, nor the subsequent online showings from the likes of Crunchyroll or YouTube. Yet FUNimation boldly opted to stream the anime's uncensored DVD version, in a move that's sure to please the fans; and piss-off their repulsed parents. So kids, lock your doors before you go watch said episodes.

Thanks to Nebs' prompt report, the news spread faster than a cheap prostitute, putting to rest the question as to which version would FUNi stream. Too bad I can't personally validate this story (for purely professional reasons of course), given the ass-of-the-world country I live in. But trying to access FUNi's video website through an anonymizer, it appears they are "undergoing maintenance operations" at the time of writing. Let's see if the nekked lolis survive this maintenance... If not, Gia has pix, cause it happened.

Still up next - Strike Witches 2 once again from Gonzo in 2010 (at best), and later this year a couple of game adaptations: one for the DS, and one for the PS2.
anonymouswrote on Jul 17, 2010 at 00:22
uh i looked on funimation but the episodes were censored both the subbed and dubbed, plz find a website with them uncensored and i that i wont have to download anything
anonymouswrote on Sep 27, 2015 at 01:26
um you have to pay to see the uncensored version on funimation site you cant unless they have a free day
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