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Finally, we get some spicy details regarding the highly anticipated Kiddy Grade sequel (or Kiddy Generation, as some sources suggest). First off, the show will deliver it's undisputed moe to drooling guys everywhere with the launch of a Pilot DVD, scheduled for top sales at the end of March. In Japan, of course, as we, the underlings, will have to wait for the *cough* fansubbs *cough*. So, production details, right from the mouth of ANS:

Production details are as follows: Original Story: Gimik - Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, Direction, Storyboard, and Production: Keiji Goto, Supervision of Character Designs: Megumi Kadonosono, Composition and Scenario: Hidefumi Kimura, Mechanical Designs: Kanetake Ebikawa, Art: Studio Easter, Animation Production: Aslead, Project Producer: Atsushi Ito, Production Producer: Konori Hiramatsu. Official website:

The story does not bold well for me though, because, as some say, two new main characters will replace the legendary (and totally cute) Éclair and Lumiere - Kufi-yu and Asuku-ru. The good part is that they are heroines. The bad part is that we don't know their age just yet, but still, we can freely speculate.

Shiroi Hanewrote on Apr 21, 2007 at 22:03
You don’t have to wait for fansubs. I know I for one will be preordering the PV as soon as it’s solicited.
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