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One new Da Capo anime, seven new (ero)games / ports, one new adult comic adaptation... oh yeah, the Circus is back in town! At its recent 10th Anniversary event, the Japanese game developer Circus rose to the occasion with 10 announcements of variable importance. At the top of their list sits D.C III: Da Capo III - a whole new chapter in their prolific games franchise, that will undoubtedly spawn another slew of side stories, fan discs, ports and adaptations of all sorts.

Next in line is a new Da Capo anime, currently planned for spring 2010. No details seem to have been given about it, nor about the rest of the titles. Which, by the way, include a couple of D.C. ports, a couple of new D.C. games, and a couple of new games outside of their Da Capo franchise, apparently. Below is the full list, as picked up by Zepy.
- D.C. III, hope to release on the Xbox360 too
- New anime for Da Capo next Spring
- DL version of Da Capo starting 20th November
- Adult comic version of Da Capo
- D.C.if to be ported to the PC
- New game "Circus Tactics" announced
- New game "Hatsunejima mirai" announced (...)
- Da Capo PSP version
- New game "D.C.V." announced
- New game "D.C.Zero", related to Sakura route in D.C.II

That "D.C.V." may or may not end up being called Da Capo Valkyrie. And from what a commenter writes on Canned Dogs, Circus has more console ports in mind:
"According to Jin's blog, when he asked Matsumura Kazutoshi (the chairman of Circus?): Just before, you said that you'll release Da Capo series for PSP, is there another home console that will get it?
Matsumura answered: Yes, I (we) especially want to release it on Xbox 360. Though we haven't decided what it will be. Ah, we're also taking permission from Nintendo."

Busy, busy, busy...
KamiOkurimonowrote on Nov 6, 2009 at 21:21
I have yet to play or watch Da Capo, but from what i hear about it, this is some good news.
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