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We interrupt our usual [Anime] Loli of the Month program, to bring you a special kind of loli. This is only the third time around we do this, after Miku and Rin back in 2007. And sure enough, this newcomer is yet another Vocaloid character. Her name is Miki - just Miki - and while her "loli" status might be arguable, her impecable flatness is simply undisputable!

To be honest about it, things are still a bit fuzzy as far as her "official status" goes. Last month there was talk that Crypton's next official Vocaloid character would be a male, leading some to wonder if Miki isn't perhaps a trap. We remain optimistic, however, since Miki was revealed not by Crypton, but by another group called Heartfast.

"Vocaloids X'mas" will be Miki's debut album (out on November 18), and Kozaki Yuusuke is the one who drew her original illustration - which also reveals her serial number SF-A2. Needless to say, artistically inclined fans have been busy ever since, as you can see in Miki's local gallery.

Based on this development, our new poll is pretty much self-implied: who is the hottest Vocaloid character? Indeed we have boycotted the third one, Megurine Luka, from our gallery so far (think of it as a sign of protest to her overblown bosom). But if she receives enough votes, that may very well change.

And finally, for our new top we picked a few anime series that began airing this season: does any of them happen to be your most promising autum 2009 anime? I realize our selection is way too short to please all fetishes, which is why we'll get back to this in our following post.
KamiOkurimonowrote on Nov 11, 2009 at 19:59
So cute. I can't wait. I don't really care if it turns out to be a trap, DFC is delicious.
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