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In every damn country on this entire sort-of globe, there exists one mighty and all-powerful, godly entity, called The Police. That, and Sting's ex-band. Usually, The Police takes care of stuff involving groceries store thefts, donut eating contests (U.S.A. fat policemen only), cow raping or flower harassment. Recently, though, some guys from Japan's National Police Agency woke up from their esoteric slumber and decided to investigate the influence that the internet, with all it's not-entirely-sane content, has on children's (healthy) development.

We all here know what the internet was created for. Two big bad things, porn and illegal fansubs. Well, it seems that these dudes have different opinions about this, reporting that godly stuff like manga, computer games or, why not, animation, have the casual effect of turning our precious little children into anti-social machines. While I do not totally disagree (take the case of MMOs, for example - playing World of Warcraft has the awfully high risk of making you wank on night elven chicks wallpapers), the generalization is typical for such organizations, organizations that start involving themselves in areas of expertise that are above the clouds and far away from them.

NPA's sole target is to eradicate child pornography. In manga and animation. In other words, to suppress comics that deliver sexual situations with characters that seem less than 18 years old. In yet other words, to suppress god damn 90% of the existing manga and anime, because, we all know, each and every piece of Japanese animation has it's twisted and perverted erotic situation, even cleverly disguised under the cover of, let's say, alien-san trying to take over the world with his big bad robots piloted by hawt-looking imouto-alien-chans. Eh, well, do it if you must. NPA's particular interest seems to be the bookstore websites where "pornography manga involving children" can be purchased. They seem to have found, browsing and flurping the internet, about 9000 adult manga items, from which 30% were "child pornography".

Does this mean I won't get a little sister for Christmas?
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