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Freeloaders sure make some fun characters... in anime, yes, but less so when they breathe alcohol fumes down your neck in real life, interfering with your hedonistic (and every once in a while lucrative) activities. On the other hand, such interference is the perfect excuse for our latest "radio silence", that eventually prompted this here round-up.

- Eden of the East the Movie II - the 2nd anime film to follow this year's excellent TV series is being not only expanded, but - saldly - delayed as well. The extra 30 minutes of footage planned by Production I.G will translate into 2 more months of waiting, until March 2010. The first film, by the way, is premiering tonight in Japan.

- Fate/stay night TV Reproduction - just ahead of the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works anime film's theatrical debut, the 2006 TV series will be condensed into 2 specials, with new opening sequences and new ending theme songs. The TV reproduction's DVD and Blu-ray release is set for January 22, 2010 - one day before the new movie premieres.

- House of Five Leaves (Sarai-ya Goyou) - a new TV anime series based on a historical samurai manga by Natsume Ono (Ristorante Paradiso). The original storry follows the lives of the House of Five Leaves gang members in Edo-era Japan, during the height of the shogun's rule. Begins in 2010.

- Kiss x Sis - epic joy! Yet another OVA episode has been green-lit, oh-so-hawt on the heels of the freshly revealed TV anime series. This will be the 4th OVA volume, but since the first one was titled "Episode 0", this one will be "Episode 3". Releasing on June 4, 2010.

- Mayoi Neko Overrun! (Stray Cats Overrun!) - based on a romantic comedy light novels series created by Tomohiro Matsu and illustrated by Peco (of some eroge fame), which is also spawning an upcoming manga adaptation. Specific details about the anime's format or release timeframe are missing for now.

- Mini-Skirt Space Pirates - if you were expecting it anytime soon, given its announcement back in spring... well, tough luck. It's been dated for 2011.

- Nurarihyon no Mago - a new TV anime series based on a supernatural manga by Hiroshi Shiibashi. The original story revolves around Rikuo Nura, a kid that is part human and part demon (youkai), and he's supposed to become the next master of the Nurari youkai clan. Except that he doesn't really want to, so the plot thickens. Begins in 2010.

- Quiz Magic Academy 2 - technically subtitled "Original Animation 2", will be the second OVA based on Konami's series of trivia games. This one will be bundled with limited editions of Quiz Magic Academy DS: Futatsu no Jikuu-Seki, a new Nintendo DS game set for a February 11, 2010 release in Japan.

- Sex Pistols - there be screenshots on the upcoming OVA's website, whose first volume is still set for a March 26, 2010 release in Japan. Also, the boys-love manga that it's based on has returned this month.

- Soul Eater may have been licensed by FUNimation back in 2008, but its North American DVD release date was only just announced this month. Well, technically, only the first DVD set of 13 episodes have a date, set for February 9, 2010. And three more sets will follow. See our latest Soul Eater trailers for a taste of FUNi's English dub (could be worse).

- Sugar Dark - while not quite official yet, an anime adaptation of this dark fantasy light novel series was predicted by publisher Kadokawa Shoten's president and CEO, Shinichiro Inoue. Sugar Dark was the first novel to win the Grand Prize at Kadokawa's Sneaker Awards earlier this month, since Suzumiya Haruhi 6 years ago. Intriguing...

- Titan Rain - a new CG anime film announced by Production I.G, in collaboration with Singapore's Storm Lion studio (Yona Yona Penguin). One of the movie's themes will be "facing the harsh reality of life (...) in today's complexed society". This is just about the only hint about its story given in the press release - which otherwise goes to great lengths when it comes to staff details. Premieres internationally in early 2012.

- Tono to Issho - some sort of anime adaptation based on Ohba-Kai's gag manga about the humorous exploits of generals during Japan's sengoku period.

- Yamato: Rebirth - this December's CG anime film actually has 2 endings: one in which the spaceship Yamato defies fate, and one in which Yamato accepts it (i.e. goes boom). 4,000 viewers of a preview screening tonight are voting which ending will be used in the final theatrical print. Bad idea.

- Yume Miru Kikai (The Dreaming Machine) - various images from Madhouse and Satoshi Kon's upcoming kiddy sci-fi anime film are up on the official website. Influences from the same director's Paprika are obvious, as are from other recent films (*cough* Astro Boy).

And a couple of random manga-to-live-action adaptations:

- The Wallflower manga, having received an anime version a few years ago, is now on its way to become a live-action TV drama series. Begins in January 2010.

- Insect Detective Yoshida Yoshimi, some "nonsensical gag" comedy manga involving the titular detective, along with a dog, a parrot, bugs and various other creatures, is getting a live-action film adaptation. Look for it in 2010, as well, if you're still not convinced that Japanese actors fail miserably when it comes to "real" movies.
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