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The single, most influent anime that shook our loli foundation to the ground here at Animekon, providing us with some of the most rapeable huggable imouto-chans ever (not to mention countless surprise sex positions), is Ichigo Mashimaro. I will not delve into what makes this anime so mindblowingly hawt, but I will start off by saying that any new anime that surpasses Ichigo Mashimaro's loliness, will likely become the universal standard by which our children, and our children's children (all little girls, obviously) will measure the loliness of future animes in years to come.

With that in mind, when I first saw the preview trailers for Manabi Straight last week, the above question instinctively popped into my sick mind: could this be the new Ichigo Mashimaro? I naturally grabbed the first episode the moment a subbed version became available this week, and my first professional reaction after seeing it was: "gief moar surprise sex poisitions!!!11″. For the love of loli Jesus, this show has SO much potential, and yet it does so little to rape reap the benefit of its characters' undeniable loliness.

And that's a real shame, because all the imouto-chans in Manabi Straight deliver, in terms of pedoliciousness.

To get an even clearer picture of the situation, I took it upon myself to make a thorough comparison between the quantity - and quality - of all the surprise sex positions from the first episode of Manabi Straight, vs. the first episode of Ichigo Mashimaro. Unfortunately, in doing so, I nosebled all over my research notes, leaving me with nothing but the pictures to show for. Which I'm gladly presenting you below.

- Case Study -
A Surprisingly-Sexual Analysis Of Manabi Straight And Ichigo Mashimaro
- Episode 1 -

Manabi Straight

Ichigo Mashimaro

Depending on your loli orientation, you may find that the surprise-sex positions in Ichigo Mashimaro far outweigh those in Manabi Straight, even at this early stage. My preliminary conclusion is therefore not too optimistic for Manabi Straight, even though it remains one of my most-wanted animes for 2007. But I'll give ufotable (the show's producers) the benefit of the doubt, and hope that things get juicier in the future. After all, the fun has just begun!
anonymouswrote on Apr 21, 2007 at 22:28
*i love little anime babies* *wish imouto was my wife* *ichimaro rulez* *i am 28 lolicon luver* *fapping to lolis is my hobby* *animekon pwnz* *proud 2 b pedo* *pedobear is teh king*
doomnezeuwrote on Sep 11, 2007 at 23:52
it is hard to surpass the imbaness of Miu-chan.
anonymouswrote on Jan 3, 2009 at 10:43
ah.. look at those unshiny, simple graphics in ichigo.. it brings joy to my heart...
manabi straight looks good though.. i've seen that first episode but i wasn't very attentive that day.. eitherway i'll always love ichigo mashimaro.. i found & loved it on a complete whim.. i didn't hear about it beforehand or anything so its somewhat a classic to me ^^
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