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Things just keep getting worse for lolicons around the world. While England's harmless 2D loli lovers are facing jail time as of last month, and Japan's major cities are becoming more and more obsessed about regulating public access to 2D lolis, the US is once again taking the lead in matters of civic opression. This Monday, the Supreme Court ruled (via San'plex) that Congress has the authority to detain sex offenders indefinitely, even after they have completed their criminal sentences.

This "civil commitment" of sexually-dangerous prisoners was compared to a medical quarantine by Stephen G. Breyer, one of the Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of the law. As if having impure thoughts could somehow infect others... Christ, remind me never to set foot in "the land of the free"!

Out of the nine justices, only two were sane enough to vote against upholding this civil commitment law. One of them, justice Clarence Thomas, had the following to comment:
"The fact that the federal government has the authority to imprison a person for the purpose of punishing him for a federal crime - sex-related or otherwise - does not provide the government with the additional power to exercise indefinite civil control over that person."

Yet "indefinite civil control" is exactly what's been used to confine 105 people under the law, some of them possibly in an abusive manner. One case in particular is that of Graydon Comstock, who - only six days before completing his 37-month sentence for receiving child pornography - was labeled a "sexually dangerous person". That was back in November 2006... To this day, the poor fellow is still being "quarantined", and will remain so until someone peels off his "label", or a state assumes responsibility for him. Good luck with that!

Based on this precedent, all kinds of criminals might soon be targetted by similar civil commitment laws, allowing for indefinite detention of problematic (albeit hardly life-threatening) persons, without trial.

I'm really starting to get disgusted by this kind of news, and by how few people seem to mind having their rights and liberties taken away from them. Makes you wonder: if the masses don't care about alleged terrorism suspects being detained without trial, and they probably won't care about sex offenders being detained without trial, when exactly will they start caring?
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