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A certain fan calling himself GokuMew2, who attended this Sunday's Macross Frontier event from Pacifico Yokohama, was kind enough to pass word on a couple of announcements made there. Most importantly, regarding that second Macross Frontier movie which some of you may have been waiting for, for quite a while... And which, by the way, will apparently be titled Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa.

Macross Frontier Movie 2

Long story short, the second anime film is set for a February 26, 2011 premiere in Japan. The same date is now boldly displayed on the official Macross F website as well, right next to a new artwork of the series' lolicious singer Ranka Lee (which I've naturally taken the liberty of abducting, for your more immediate pleasure).

This delay might put some of the fans' nerves to the test. But those hardcore enough to be depressed by it, should also be hardcore enough to find solace in the release of another Macross goodie-pack, way ahead of the movie's premiere. Namely a DVD containing a collection of music videos, featuring "footage from the series, movie, and also new animation". The DVD will be coming out in Japan this December 15, and also in December - on the 22nd and 24th - there will be another couple of live events dedicated to Macross fans. At least those able to make it to Tokyo's Nippon Budoukan or Kobe's Island Hall, respectively, on those two dates.

ANN's report tonight also adds a blurb about some upcoming transformable Macross toy... thingies. But since I haven't got the slightest interest in silly little plastic robots, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Though I'm pretty sure your time would be better spent checking out the local Macross lolis.
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