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What a treat this week, for fans of anime freebies in general, and of Black Rock Shooter in particular! First and foremost, the complete Black Rock Shooter OVA is now officially streaming on the Japanese video website Nico Nico Douga, free of any fees or country restrictions. And, sadly, also free of any subtitles, or a decent image quality for that matter (Update: and only until this August 31). But, as the eleventh commandment would probably say - though shall not be a picky prick about freebies.

Black Rock Shooter AMVs

The OVA's stream is split into four parts averaging 13 minutes each, and is available along with a couple of trailers on the official Black Rock Shooter channel on Nico Nico. Below you'll find the direct links to each stream and - just in case you still don't have an account there yet - here's a guide on how to register, through all that jungle of moonrunes.
- Black Rock Shooter OVA part 1
- Black Rock Shooter OVA part 2
- Black Rock Shooter OVA part 3
- Black Rock Shooter OVA part 4

But wait, there's more! Given the occasion, I also hunted down a horde of fan-made BRS AMV clips created so far, in an attempt to select the following "Top 10" of sorts, albeit in no particular order. Actually, let's make it a chronological order, with the last one from the list being the most recent one. But first, a word of advice: I strongly suggest you watch the complete OVA, before moving on to these spoilers-tainted AMVs!
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Diamond Eyes
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Breathe
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Who's That Girl
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - The Sunny Side
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Order Made
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Vacancy
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Duck Version
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Tears of Blue Eyes
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - All The Things She Said
- Black Rock Shooter AMV - Can You See Me Now

The last couple of AMVs are both set to music by the Russian sapphic duo t.A.T.u., because they're such a great yuri fit for this anime, and naturally because they're so bloody hot!

And finally, if your appetite has only just been tingled by this here selection, you can find plenty more Black Rock Shooter AMVs / MADs over on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

P.S. I realize how futile it is trying to keep up with all the video-editing fans out there, whose AMVs will just keep on pouring for what may be a very long time; but still... Here are two more kick-ass hard-rock AMVs that have just cropped up on YouTube. One of them combines the piano song "Dispossession" from this year's console RPG Nier, with some obscure song named "Since 1667", by an equally obscure band called I Am Abomination. And the other AMV features the much more popular song "Bring Me to Life", by Evanescence.

Screw "Top 10"s, keep 'em coming!
Jozlewrote on Aug 25, 2010 at 03:52
Sweet, too bad nicovideo doesn't have english subtitles.
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