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Three new OVA projects have been revealed this week already, with a fourth one (initially announced last year) receiving an important update, as well.

First on the alphabetical list is an upcoming Amagami OVA focusing on the supporting character Risa Kamizaki, from Enterbrain!'s romance simulation game that inspired this summer's ongoing TV anime series Amagami SS (which only features the game's 6 lead heroines). No release date was given for this new anime, as it was only briefly mentioned on a blog post by voice actress Mai Kadowaki (via ANN).

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Next we have a Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OVA, planned for release at some point before the anime series' second season from 2011, according to the October issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shonen Ace magazine (as usual via ANN). That still leaves plenty of time for this BakaTest OVA to come out this year, most likely during the winter holidays season; and hopefully no later.

Third in line is a Fortune Arterial OVA, announced on this week's newly opened official website as a DVD bundle with the 6th volume of Miki Kodama's manga, set for a February 26, 2011 release in Japan. The same website also reminds us that the first anime adaptation in the franchise - the Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku TV series - will begin airing this October, and that a PS3 game of the same title is also in development (and so is a PSP game titled Fortune Arterial: Iori no Yabou, coming later in 2010).

And finally, the previously-known Goulart Knights anime project - the first one ever produced by Bandai Visual's music label subsidiary Lantis - has finally received a release date, after being revealed over a year ago. December 25, 2010 is that date, when the OVA will be bundled with the first limited-edition volume of the Goulart Knights manga. This whole multimedia project was conceived by Takumi Miyajima (Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss), and by the looks of it, its main target audience will be girls with a taste for yaoi. Then again, looks can be deceiving...
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