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I'm starting to like this guy Satoshi Kubo. Back in July he was the first to blow the whistle on this autumn's mecha anime Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector. Then last week he claimed to be working on two anime titles: A Channel and Mitsudomoe. The first one has yet to receive an official confirmation, but the other one is now being announced as the second anime season in this insane franchise spawned by Norio Sakurai's gag manga - via the manga's 10th volume (and in turn via ANN).

Mitsudomoe episodes

With less than a month left until the Autumn 2010 anime season kicks-off, and no release date attached to this announcement - plus Kubo's earlier indication that the series would take a three-months break - it's safe to say that Mitsudomoe 2 won't be starting until January 2011. That should give us some time to catch our breath and clean up the floor for the next session of copious laughter.

As for the ongoing first season, Mitsudomoe episode 10 just came out last night, so that leaves 3 more episodes to go throughout this month. You can watch the previous episodes here, if you're lucky enough to live in North America, Australia or the other few regions covered by Crunchyroll's license for this series. If not... welcome to the pics-browsing club.

Update: Local Mitsudomoe gallery expanded with loads of new fanarts.
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