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Studio ufotable has announced what looks to be a hyperactive and hyper-fun anime called Minori Scramble!, based on a "slapstick science comedy" 4-koma manga by Mikage Chihaya. Through an official website opened today, they already provide a short but furiously cute trailer, showing some footage reminiscent of their 2007 anime Manabi Straight!.

Minori Scramble! trailer

The Minori Scramble! manga has been serialized since 2007, and so far it's been compiled into one sole voume. The story follows Tamaki - an elementary school girl who has come to hate penguins due to her father's excessive lectures about them - and Minori, a "penguin-roid" engineered by Tamaki's father to make her get rid of her animosity towards penguins. Another case of infite fatherly wisdom...

For the many of us not yet familiar with the manga, publisher Houbunsha is providing a free online sample. Studio ufotable's next step will be to hold a public audition for the anime's voice cast starting this October 9, during the 4th Machi*Asobi anime event in the southwestern prefecture of Tokushima, Japan. And after that, we'll hopefully hear and see even more of this omega-kawaii anime project.

Update: This was ufotable's 5th announcements from their "10 Biggest Announcements of ufotable 2010" campaign. The 6th and 7th novelties will follow this September 16 and September 24. One of them is expected to be another new anime project, which ufotable is creating with illustrator TAKE (NisiOisin's Zaregoto, Katanagatari light novels). TAKE said that this might "turn into his most wonderful project so far".
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