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With the Yuri Seijin Naoko-san OVA's unveiling out of the way, let's move on to the next entry in ufotable's "10 Biggest Announcements" for 2010. Also revealed this weekend is a twofold project, which ufotable is producing for the 10th anniversary of Animate's mascot character Anime Tenchou. The first work is some commercial footage called "Anime Tenchou Gekijouban", and the second one is a short anime titled Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project (an obvious cross-over with the popular doujin game franchise Touhou Project).

Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project

Both of them will make their debut this November 20, at some Animate event from Tokyo, where several other anime projects will also be shown - including IS: Infinite Stratos, Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (another freshly announced anime), Steins;Gate, and ToHeart2 adnext.

So that leaves 3 more announcements to be made by ufotable... or maybe 4 of them? The studio's official website currently displays a "10+1 Biggest Announcements of 2010" banner, though I'm not sure if the "+1" part has been there from the start or not.

As a reminder, two weeks ago they revealed an anime adaptation called Minori Scramble! (based on a "slapstick science comedy" 4-koma manga), complete with a short trailer already. Some of ufotable's notable works in recent years include the TV anime series Manabi Straight!, the 7-part anime film Kara no Kyoukai, and the Tales of Symphonia OVAs. So mostly great stuff - of which more would certainly be welcome.
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