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Where did this come from?! A very late entry to this month's anime line-up is being reported by ANN, in the form of a new anime program aimed at women, called Otona Joshi no Anime Time - quite literally meaning an anime timeslot for adult women. By the sound of it, the program will consist of various stand-alone stories, with the first of them airing this Friday, January 7 on the NHK network.

Otona Joshi no Anime Time - Kawazura o Suberu Kaze

Said first story is titled Kawazura o Suberu Kaze (A Wind Skimming the River's Surface), and it's drawn from the book "Yamu Tsuki" by Kei Yuikawa. The team behind the anime isn't particularly famous (The Answer Studio? what?), and I somehow doubt that that'll change after this project. Still, an anime's an anime, and there'll always be someone enjoying something that no one else does. So, let the plot thicken.
"In the story, 33-year-old Kanazawa native Noriko (actress Misato Tanaka) had decided long ago not to accept an ordinary, provincial life for herself. So, she had gone to college in Tokyo, worked on her own, married a man at an elite trading firm, and had a child. She has just returned home from five years abroad with her husband and four-year-old son. However, she senses a large emptiness in her heart since coming back. Moreover, there is a man who shares a big secret with Noriko." (ANN synopsis)

That's all - I can't even be bothered to make an entry in our anime database for this one.
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