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The end of Bleach might be closer than expected, if a certain rushed blog post by the Japanese rock band ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D turns out to be true. They are the ones singing the anime series' latest ending theme song, and their post originally said that their tune "is perfect for the final season's climax" (implying that the anime will end by April). The message has since been edited to no longer include that remark, either because it was an untimely revelation, or they simply got it all wrong. Update: The rumor has been denied by Morita Yosuke, the anime's assistant recording director, who stated: "The airing schedule has been fixed far in advance and it won't be ended soon".

Bleach - Yachiru

Realistically speaking, the worst-case scenario would be for the TV anime series to take a temporary break, and allow for more material to build up in the ongoing manga that it's based upon (since it's been catching up rather fast with the manga's story). The Bleach anime is currently at its 304th episode, which just came out today, as a matter of fact. And here's a freshly uploaded trailer previewing episode 305.

The "Tiger Mask" / "Naoto Date" charitable trend has finally reached critical mass, resulting in an explosive chain-reaction all over Japan, after 8 more cities had reported new donations on Monday - that's in addition to yesterday's reports. But even put together, all those pale in comparison with the latest development: as of today, some 100 donations have been reported across the country, for a total of 155+ school backpacks and 1.76 million+ yen!

A live-action film adaptation of the Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite. manga series has been announced, with plans to premiere it in Japan this autumn. "In the humorous love story, a manga creator named Haru and her husband struggle to cope when the husband is diagnosed with depression", ANN writes about Tenten Hosokawa's original manga which previously received a live-action TV series, as well, in 2009.

And while at it, another live-action film adaptation revealed a couple of days ago is that of the Kimi to Boku (You and I) Flash anime created by Shigeto Yamagara. "The story follows the friendship between the cat and the young man from when they first meet up to when they must part", ANN explains, adding that the (short?) film is planned for May 2011. Umm... yeah, She and Her Cat was fine, too!

Update: A new Lupin manga has launched today, although not part of the more popular Lupin III franchise, but based on the original French character Arsène Lupin. The manga is titled Adventurier: Shinsetsu Arsène Lupin, and it's authored by Takashi Morita (creator of some Gundam spin-off manga).
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