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Last update - Jan 14, 14:27 GMT (09:27 EST, 06:27 PST)

As I was going over the latest happenings in the "Tiger Mask" saga (see below), it occured to me that I never got to mention Tiger & Bunny, since our comeback. It's a mecha-themed TV anime in the works at studio Sunrise for an April 2011 debut. And, as it happens, its official website was renewed this week with some info and visuals - including the image below, and some sexy character sheets. Well, one more sexy than the others...

Tiger & Bunny

The "Tiger Mask" / "Naoto Date" explosive chain-reaction keeps growing at an accelerated rate: as of this Wednesday, over 290 donations have been reported, with some new anime references joining in on the fun, and pushing the grand total of gifts at over 350 backpacks and 10 million yen (about $120,000) in cash. This is madness! THIS IS JAPAN!

Speaking of madness and anime references, here, have some "Anime Babes" - plus a slightly-NSFW gallery - from some adult club in Los Angeles a few days ago. EWW, THAT IS NOT JAPAN!

A live-action film version of Bakugyaku Kazoku (Bakugyaku Family) is in the making for a November 2011 premiere, based on Hiroshi Tanaka's manga about "former teenage troublemakers who have grown up as a family".

The manga series Iryuu: Team Medical Dragon is coming to an end this January 28, when author Tarou Nogizaka will have its final installment published in the Big Comic Superior magazine. Since the manga began in April 2002, it was adapted into 3 live-action TV series. So now that it ends... an anime, perhaps?

And in other manga news, some Koreans are emo-raging over some manga called K-POP Boom Netsuzou Setsu o Oe! (Analyzing the K-POP Boom Lies). Something about it depicting "former Korean pop singers, now hostesses, revealing "dirty" secrets about Korea's entertainment industry. The story features lewd scenes and terms such as "corruption" and "sex-for-favors"." Ohes, teh drama!

P.S. Yesterday marked the start of the new season for the "Noitamina" timeslot, consisting of two anime titles - linked below with other local goodies.

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