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Not since the days of that legendary pedobear hat from a great many winters ago (actually from earlier this week), has there been something more deserving of the lustful utterance "OMG GIEF!" - as this here pair of Fate/stay night curtains, with which to adorn your otaku sanctuary... *drool*... Damn you, random twitterer!

Fate/stay night curtains

The upcoming anime Hyouge Mono is the first of this spring's new TV series to receive a precise starting time: April 7 at 23:00 hours, on Japan's NHK network, according to its freshly updated official website. The anime adapts Yoshihiro Yamada's historical manga Hyouge Mono: Tea for Universe, Tea for Life, about a man obsessed with tea ceremony and material desires in his pursuit of a fortuitous life.

Another upcoming TV anime (of decidedly more interest) is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2; and the reason I mention it is that a Moon Phase Diary update today lists it for a summer 2011 debut. 'Thought you might want to know.

Another newly announced release date is June 18 - as the premiere day of Towa no Quon. As it turns out today, this anime is being created by studio Bones as a series of 6 films. The project was originally meant to be directed by the late Umanosuke Iida, but in his place, Takeshi Mori is serving as the "collaborative director" for this seemingly sci-fi anime. Also, here's a scan with some sketchy character arts.

I'm starting to see a pattern here... 4 Evangelion movies, 7 Kara no Kyoukai movies, 6 Broken Blade movies; and now this? Not that I mind, or anything. As long as the quality is there (and so far it is), keep 'em coming!

Speaking of which, today's theatrical releases were the 5th Broken Blade / Break Blade movie and the Norageki! OVA. Both in Japan, naturally.

An official website for Deadman Wonderland has opened today, though at the moment it offers little more than a picture with the anime's two main characters: the oh-so-hawt Shiro, and that what's-his-name dude... umm... whatever, gief Shiro! This one starts in April 2011.
anonymouswrote on Jan 22, 2011 at 20:45
Not so interesting day ... tomorow for the best :)
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