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Last update - Jul 18, 19:04 GMT (14:04 EST, 11:04 PST)

A "Hatsune Miku Vision" DVD, packing 20 of the most popular Vocaloid videos, is being released in Japan this Wednesday, July 20, under the Pony Canyon label. These classic Miku clips are said to total over 13,730,000 views on video websites such as Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, as advertised on the official website - where the below picture and promo trailer were blatantly ripped from, for your local pleasure.

Hatsune Miku Vision DVD

Although the trailer is indeed quite lengthy, as it previews a short version of each of the 20 clips, there's still the option of watching them in full online, for those of us either unwilling or unable to support their creators by buying the 3,000 yen / $38 priced DVD. And to make things really easy - well half of them anyway - Crunchyroll has collected the first 10 videos as they still appear in full on YouTube.

Update: ... and the other 10 videos now, as well; albeit a couple of them with alternative versions, from those featured on the DVD.
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