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First a doujinshi manga, then a couple of anime adaptations, not to mention that PS3 / X360 video game... and now, a live-action film of Afro Samurai is officially on the way, as well, with actor Samuel L. Jackson producing it alongside The Indomina Group (a U.S. / Dominican Republic company) and Gonzo Studios - who of course adapted the 2007 TV anime series and its 2009 anime film sequel Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

Afro Samurai

Although Indomina's press release doesn't explicitly mention this, we can safely assume that Samuel L. Jackson will not only produce the upcoming movie, but should also star as the titular Afro Samurai, whom he previously voiced in the anime adaptations. Here's how he commented the news:
"This has been one of my very favorite properties ever since our amazing debut at Comic Con with the original series pilot out of Japan. I can't wait to produce the epic feature film version with our new partners at The Indomina Group."

A writer and director should be dragged on-board this summer, with the casting planned to be completed by the end of the year. The film will be shot at Pinewood Indomina Studios in the Dominican Republic, in 2012.
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