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While we obviously await with hankies at hand the sequel to Kiddy Grade, Gonzo wants to give us a little teaser to hungrily munch on. Their plans include the realease of a Kiddy Grade trilogy, more exactly motion pictures featuring re-edited scenes from the 2002 show, plus some new animation. Is this some sort of Kanon 2006? Heck knows, and actually, we don't care. If this trilogy will include more naked Lumiere-chan, some of us will have no complains. Moe to it's full perfection. Here it goes, the movies schedule:

Kiddy Grade: Ignition will screen from April 7-20.
Kiddy Grade: Maelstrom will screen from June 23-July 6.
Kiddy Grade: Truth Dawn will screen from September 1-14.

All three films will be screened 9:20 PM daily at the Theater Shinjuku.
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