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The first episode of Gokujyo was initially supposed to air in Japan yesterday, after this TV anime adaptation was announced back in September. But, as it turned out, the broadcast was cancelled and replaced with a tongue-in-cheek apologetic image. The anime's website was also updated today with an apology, citing "various circumstances" for the episode's cancellation, out of "self-restraint".


Therefore, the anime's actual TV debut will now take place on January 23, with the airing of Gokujyo's episode 2. As for the first episode, all is not lost! As previously planned, the short will be streamed for free on, for a limited period of time, starting this January 30.

Censorship was obviously at play here, as the first episode's plot sees the high school student Aya forgetting to wear her panties, and forcibly taking Konatsu's panties instead, having lured her into the nurse's office.

P.S. Oh, right: and a Happy New Year! It's been a while, since the last post...
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