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As Type-Moon's long-awaited new visual novel, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, is nearing its release this April 12, the Japanese studio is now offering a demo version for download on the game's official website - check the "Special" section. An English fan-translation is also available, already, and you can grab it from a certain post, on a certain Russian forum.

Mahoutsukai no Yoru

The once-cancelled Dantalian no Shoka OVA, that was meant to follow last year's TV anime, has resurfaced as a new bundle. This time, it's being planed for release as an all-new, original episode titled "Ibara-Hime", bundled on DVD with the 5th volume of Chako Abeno's manga adaptation of the original light novels - out in August 2012. Studio Gainax is once again animating.

Dantalian no Shoka OVA

Tite Kubo's popular Bleach manga is entering its final story arc, after more than a decade since it began serialization, in 2001. The manga's latest, 53rd compiled book volume was published by Shueisha this past December.


Houkago no Pleiades "is not over yet", reads the latest official Twitter update (via ANN) about this charming web-anime that was released for free online viewing on YouTube one year ago - and finally embedded locally, as well, today (took me long enough...). So more Pleiades space lolis? Yes, please!

Houkago no Pleiades

The TV anime series Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden, based on a Naruto spinoff gag comedy manga by Kenji Taira, will begin airing in Japan from April 3, 2012.

Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

The TV anime series Kuroko no Basuke, based on a basketball manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, is likewise set for an April debut in Japan - April 7, to be more precise. Production I.G is animating this one, and you can get a feel for it from the anime's first trailer.

Kuroko no Basuke
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