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Not a "sci-fi" anime, mind you, but SF as in "seishun fishing" ("youth fishing") - whatever that is... Such is the would-be genre for the newly revealed anime Tsuritama, airing in Japan on Fuji TV's late-night Noitamina timeslot from April 2012. The project was first teased one month ago, as a TV series coming from director Kenji Nakamura ([C], Kuuchuu Buranko).

Tsuritama Trailer

Today, with the full opening of the official website, comes a whole lotta goodies and details about it - including the staff & cast working on the project over at studio A-1 Pictures, a story outline as quoted below from ANN, and - not least of all - the anime's first trailer.
"The SF (seishun/adolescent fishing) story is set on the island of Enoshima in the Shounan area south of Tokyo, and it follows four idiosyncratic youths: the one-quarter French, uncommunicative high school student Yuki (Ryota Ohsaka), the fishing enthusiast and self-proclaimed alien Haru (Miyu Irino), the island native Natsuki (Kouki Uchiyama), and the mysterious Indian Akira (Tomokazu Sugita) with his constant duck companion Tapioca."
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