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An Arcana Famiglia TV anime series, based on last year's otome game of the same title, has just been announced for a Summer (i.e. July) 2012 debut in Japan, with studio J.C. Staff doing the animation. The original girls-oriented visual novel was developed for the PSP by HuneX, and it was released in Japan by Comfort, last October.

Arcana Famiglia

In Arcana Famiglia: La storia della Arcana Famiglia, players take on the role of a heroine who spent her childhood days in a lonely, remote place with her mother, Sumire, and her servant, Luca. The Christmas she turned 16, she was invited to go and live together with her father, Mondo. The dream she had ever since she was young was to live a happy life with her family together. Thus, with her long-yearned-for dream coming true, she took her first steps as a member of "Arcana Famiglia", a vigilante organization the frank Mondo is in control of. The actual story kicks off three months after that, on April 1st - according to a synopsis pieced together by Konnistique.

A couple of official websites for the game are hosted by HuneX and Comfort.

So, any female fans out there squeaking at this news?
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