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On top of the 6 Blu-ray and DVD volumes that will pack the ongoing TV anime series Amagami SS Plus, which have already been known to include unaired anime shorts, there will also be a 7th volume. One that will bring a whole new OVA episode, taking place at a hot spring (hence its title "Onsen"), and focusing on Miya Tachibana (pictured below).

Amagami's Miya Tachibana gallery

Miya already had another OVA episode dedicated to her last year, as the culmnation of the first Amagami SS season's Blu-ray / DVD releases. She is the younger sister of protagonist Junichi, and keeps calling him "nii-nii". And to make sure you won't forget about her anytime soon, a new Miya Tachibana gallery now welcomes you locally.

ANN has a few more details about the 7th volume's contents and the OVA's story:
"The story is set on a Sunday as Christmas draws near and the male lead Jun'ichi has not made any moves on a girl. Jun'ichi's sister Miya goes to a hot spring that just opened with her classmates Sae and Ai. However, the other Amagami heroines - Tsukasa, Rihoko, Kaoru, and Haruka - also appear there. Without Jun'ichi, the girls talk among themselves at the hot spring."

Volume 7 of Amagami SS+ should be released in Japan on October 3, 2012.
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