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Last update - Feb 24, 03:15 GMT (22:15 EST, 19:15 PST)

Yes, more Bleach! It turns out that yesterday's story about a live-action movie adaptation from Warner Bros. was only the good news (so to speak!). The bad news is that the long-running TV anime series will come to an end next month, on March 27, with episode 366. Well, it's been running since 2004, so I guess it's not that bad of a news... Besides, it might continue with an OVA or something, or it might just be taking a break, for all we know...


R.O.D. Rehabilitation, the new Read or Die manga series that's launching this February 25 in Shueisha's Super Dash & Go! magazine, has been previewed. Or, rather, its new main character Yomiko has been previewed, as seen below. Although still an eyeglasses-wearing girl, fans are being warned that "she is not the Yomiko from before" (her new name even has a different kanji writing), and is now a much darker character.

Update: ANN picked up some details about the story of R.O.D. Rehabilitation - side-story, actually. It will be "much darker than the Read or Die stories that came before it. It is set in a world where the death of books has been declared after the last printing press shuts down. However, there are bibliophiles who have rejected this era and have established a city state of their own called "Bibliopolis". (...) the previous Yomiko was a character made with the positive face of bibliophiles. However, the new Yomiko is the polar opposite and the dark side of the former."

R.O.D. Rehabilitation's Yomiko

A new Resident Evil manga is also launching this week, in the Weekly Shounen Champion magazine. It's called Resident Evil Maruhawa Desire, as it's set in Maruhawa Academy, the largest school in Asia, located on an island. "After a student mysterious [sic] turns into a zombie, BSAA advisor Professor Dagu (or possibly Doug) and his assistant Ricky come to the school to investigate, and get caught up in a larger happening".

Oh my God, a Gainax story!... Wait, what? Their first live-action TV series?! Pfff, who cares...
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