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The 2nd season of Fate/Zero, one of April's most wanted anime series, is slowly starting to draw attention upon itself. Aside from feasting their eyes on that great piece of artwork below, fans now also have a new song to delight their ears with. It's by Kalafina, it's titled "to the beginning", and it's the opening theme song for Fate/Zero's second season. Enjoy it on YouTube, for as long as it lasts there... Or just wait until it's released this April 18.

Fate/Zero Saber artwork

One of the least prominent anime series starting this April, on the other hand, is Gon. No, not with the wind. Just Gon. It's some silly 3D CG animation based on Masashi Tanaka's manga about "a plucky little dinosaur as it makes its way through the great wilderness. A signature feature of the manga is its lack of dialogue or sound effects", as ANN notes, adding that the manga will resume this March 24, after a decade-long break. Whatever.


In other "Return of the Manga" news, CR relays word of several other manga titles resuming next month: Arakawa Under the Bridge and St. Young Men from absurd-comedy author Hikaru Nakamura (back from her maternity leave). And a new volume of Kazushi Hagiwara's heavy metal fantasy manga Bastard!! is also releasing in Japan in March.

And to end this round-up with a playful twist, word on the block is that Sony's next gaming console will harness the powah of ATi AMD's graphics technology. I wonder if they're really not announcing the next PlayStation at this year's E3, as Kaz Hirai claimed last month...
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