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Last month's dazzling PS Vita game Gravity Rush - released in Japan as Gravity Daze - has also been confirmed for a North American release, on June 12. Marking the announcement is a new Gravity Rush trailer which Sony is offering, along with a few screenshots posted on its PlayStation blog. Although that earlier video with 15 minutes of gameplay still kicks a whole lot more gravity-defying ass.

Gravity Rush wallpaper

Meanwhile, the game's Japanese version will enjoy three weeks of downloadable content, with one new DLC pack launching each week, starting from March 22. From what Andriasang reports, each 400 ($5) pack includes one costume, two side missions and three challenge missions. The first pack is titled "Spy Volume", bringing with it the new "Cat Suit" costume.

And finally, the official Gravity Daze channel on YouTube is now streaming these two gameplay videos, in which the game's developers show off their leet skills.

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