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A couple of noteworthy things today, for fans of Queen's Blade: first of all, the latest Queen's Blade: Rebellion trailer is now available, introducing the red-eyed demon hunter twins Tanyan and Sainyan, also known as Tarnyang and Sainyang (it's a trap!). "They have journeyed from their village in the northern land of Shai-Fang to reclaim an object that protected their village. As "taimashi", they are the descendants of a lineage of twins that have guarded their village for generations", ANN explains.

Queen's Blade: Rebellion Trailer #7

And second, the official website for the upcoming TV anime Queen's Blade: Rebellion has been updated to reveal that the series will start airing in Japan from April 3.

This third Queen's Blade TV anime is once again created by studio ARMS, based on the fantasy combat picture book games of the same title, which serve as a sequel to the original Queen's Blade game books. The story is set four years after the first storyline and revolves around Annelotte, the rebelling knight princess who stands up to the tyranny of the new queen.

You'll find more trailers on the anime's local page, and while you're there, you might want to take a look at the Queen's Blade: Rebellion gallery, too... Seeing anything you like?
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