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Last update - Mar 6, 08:49 GMT (03:49 EST, 00:49 PST)

Aside from an upcoming 2012 TV anime series, there will also be a Kokoro Connect game of some sort, at some point, on some platform... all of which are sort of unknown at this time. Both the anime (seen the trailer?) and the newly announced game project are based on a "love and teen pentagonal comedy" light novel series written by Sadanatsu Anda and illustrated by Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON! and Lucky Star anime's character designer).

Kokoro Connect

You know Shimajirou? You know... weird toilet training clips? Yeah, that one. So, it was announced today that a new TV anime series called Shimajirou no Wow! will be airing in Japan this April. It will feature the same animal characters, while also introducing a new one: a sporty girl cat named Nyakkii. Additionally, this will be the first Shimajirou anime to incorporate CG animation (on top of mixing animated and live-action segments, like with previous adaptations since 2008). But, hey! At least children don't mind tasteless combos such as this!

Shimajirou no Wow!

And finally, the young animator training project "Anime Mirai" began streaming a trailer (via ANN) for its four 2011 anime shorts: Buta, Shiranpuri, Wasurenagumo, and Puka Puka Juju. These 24-minute shorts will open in select T-Joy theaters throughout Japan on March 24.

Update: You can now also watch the trailer locally.

Update #2: Another couple of premiering dates have been set for the Spring 2012 anime season: Hiiro no Kakera starts on April 1, and Gon starts on April 2.

Hiiro no Kakera

Update #3: Kannagi and Fractale director Yutaka Yamamoto (a.k.a. "Yamakan") is working on a "3/11 charity animation", to be presented this March 24 at the 2012 Tokyo International Anime (TAF), at a session held by "Project Blossom / Ordet".
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