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Last update - Mar 6, 23:57 GMT (18:57 EST, 15:57 PST)

The airing dates for Fate/Zero 2 have been announced: it starts on April 7. And since all the big anime databases out there seem to have split the release of this second season into a distinct anime title, I have conformed to this trend and created a new entry for it, as well. The first season of Fate/Zero had aired between October - December 2011.

Fate/Zero 2

Also from April 7, Fuji TV will re-air the One Piece series in a "high-res special edition", apparently starting with the anime's very first episode, originally from 1999. The reruns will air every Saturday at 09:55 A.M., only in Tokyo's Kanto region. However, considering that this ongoing anime currently has 538 episodes, one has to wonder if they actually plan to re-air ALL of it... Cause that would be like another dozen years... And counting!

One Piece

Speaking of "old stuff new on TV", Tokyo MX will broadcast all three Precure All Stars anime films to date - DX, DX2 and DX3 - next week, on March 13, 14 and 15 respectively. Obviously, this is meant as a promotion for the latest theatrical entry in the series, Precure All Stars New Stage Movie, which is premiering in Japan this March 17.

Precure All Stars New Stage Movie

And for a bit of a gaming news, Andriasang passed word that "the mystery title Imageepoch will be officially announcing on Wednesday has been revealed in Dengeki PlayStation to be an RPG called Sol Trigger. The platform: PlayStation Portable." Imageepoch being the makers of the Luminous Arc series on the DS and Fate/Extra on the PSP, among others.

Update: Sol Trigger seems to be planned for a Summer 2012 release.

Update #2: Andriasang has a few more details about this game, which could be the last one developed by Imageepoch for the PSP handheld.

Sol Trigger
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