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An anime adaptation of Yoshiaki Sukeno's supernatural comedy manga Binbougami ga! was first announced back in December, without much info at that time. But now, thanks to someone's keen observation skills, applauded by Otakomu, it appears that this upcoming TV anime series is being created by studio Sunrise, and that it's set for a Summer 2012 (i.e. July) debut.

Binbougami ga!

I'm not sure where that airing timeframe prediction is coming from. But as for the production company, well, that one is pretty easy to spot, by doing a simple "whois" lookup for the "" domain (currently inactive), and noticing that its nameservers are set to "". Is it official? No, not yet. But it's a safe bet, if there ever was one.

A local Binbougami ga! gallery is available since a couple of weeks ago, and as for its story, here's how ANN put it, back when the anime project was first announced.
"The story revolves around Ichiko Sakura, a girl whose blissful life comes from her bountiful "happiness energy" - gained by sapping that energy from other people. To restore the balance, the Binbou-gami (Poverty God) Momiji Binbada attempts to eliminate her."
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