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Director Junichi Sato, who might as well be known as Mr. Slice-of-life, has revealed his latest project: an original video anime titled One Off, currently planned for a 2012 release. The OVA's official website is already offering a decent amount of details for this upcoming anime (see the translated staff list on CR), complete with its first trailer and a key visual.

One Off OVA Trailer

As you can see in that image, Honda's scooter "Giorno" is prominently featured, and by no coincidence: the Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer is sponsoring this OVA, with studio TYO Animations doing the actual grunt work. Junichi Sato is directing, as usual, like he's done with several other slice-of-life anime - such as the Aria series, Umi Monogatari or, most recently, the Tamayura OVA and TV series (his three most chillaxing "healing anime", among many other titles that he has directed).

The story of One Off follows a 17-year-old high school girl named Haruno Shiozaki and her growth as a person, after a fateful meeting in her parents' country boardinghouse. She loves her scooter, Honda's Giorno, and lives in some remote highlands, longing for a vivid life in the far-off city. It's a "refreshing early summer tale in which young girls shine".

As for Honda's implication in the project, the Japanese company will showcase a specially painted motorcycle at the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle Shows this month. Pictured below, as seen on the OVA's Twitter account.

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