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Over the course of the next week or so, three long-running TV anime series will be coming to an end: Beelzebub on March 25, Gintama' on March 26 and - the longest of them all - Bleach on March 27. Beelzebub's impending finale-slash-hiatus is not much of a surprise, seeing how the anime has been catching up with the manga real fast, despite its filler episodes. So, the series will end this Sunday, with episode 60.


The ending of Gintama', on the other hand, comes as a bit more of a shock - a particularly unpleasant one, for fans of the series. TV Hokkaido was the bearer of this bad news yesterday, announcing next Monday's finale with episode 51 - which also counts as episode 252 for the entire series, if you're also taking into consideration the first Gintama anime that aired between 2006-2010.

As for Bleach, this one is kind of an old news. Over this weekend, it's been re-confirmed that the TV anime will indeed end next Tuesday, with episode 366.

And speaking of endings, Ken Akamatsu's harem manga Negima! has also reached the of the road, last week, in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine. But despite the fact that it had been running for about 9 years, it appears that its closing chapter failed to clear up the manga's major plot device - sending its annoyed fans into a fit of rage. Mr. T would pitty the fools.
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