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The "Arland" series may have ended with last year's Atelier Meruru (following Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori), but Gust's fantasy RPG franchise "Atelier" as a whole moves on, with the tentatively titled Project A14. This is a new PS3 game teased a couple of days ago at the the Dengeki Game Festival 2012 event in Japan, and it's planned for a June release over there.

Project A14

The mysterious silhouette above is the only official visual offered so far, although the event's screening did reward attendees with a few other glimpses; albeit not much more revealing, either. What we know so far is that this female protagonist will be voiced by Marina Inoue, with Mariya Ise voicing the heroine's little sister. Their relationship will apparently be a major part of the game.

Director Yoshito Okamura also mentioned that the main theme of this item preparation / synthesis role-playing game is "The Promise Begins". He explained that, among the various meanings associated with this tagline, is "the promise between the main character and her sister, and the promise that the developers will offer something interesting to the players".

More details will be revealed this March 29, in the Dengeki PlayStation magazine, which will be running a cover feature about this new Atelier... whatcha-call-it, Project A14.
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