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A new Final Fantasy game? A new franchise? Who knows... For now, Square Enix is teasing us with an enigmatic trailer for what appears to be a fantasy game, with an official website promising to unveil this "Secret Title" in summer 2012, according to ANN's report. However, the website is also displaying a countdown that will reach zero one week from now, on March 30... So I'd say that's when the game will be unveiled, for a summer release.

Square Enix 'Secret Title' Teaser

The video displays keywords such as "meteors falling for seven days", "the mineralogist's apprentice Nakutu", "crystal", "dimensional warp", "summoned beasts" (namely Odin, Diabolos and Titan), and "ordeal", among others; as well as naming two illustrators for the project: Yusuke Naora and Masaki Hirooka.

Naora was the art director for the Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and Type-0 games, as well as for the 3D CG animation film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Hirooka worked on trading card games for Duel Masters and Berserk.

Anyone care to take a wild guess, as to what kind of game this might be?

Update: It's a browser game called Crystal Conquest. Looks like a strategy / action title, and they say it's for the Japanese Yahoo! Games service, so... Nothing to see here, move along.
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