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The Macross Frontier spinoff manga Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy was supposed to have ended one year ago, after the 2nd Macross F movie; and yet, it's back again. Kariko Koyama resumed her shoujo manga yesterday, in the May issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine. Word is this new chapter "depicts a time when Sheryl, her future manager Grace, and Macross Frontier protagonist Alto met each other". Loli Sheryl is lolicious.

Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy

Another announcement dwaddling out of the 2012 TAF's inaugural day, yesterday, was that studio Tatsunoko Production is planning to air 3 new TV anime series by April 2013, as part of the studio's 50th anniversary. These don't include the recently announced Devander OVA. But, as one ANN commenter mockingly points out, they will probably include at least one new Beyblade anime...

Ippatsu Hicchuu! Devander

And in a couple of peculiar Vocaloid news this week: first, "Yamaha has developed the Vocaloid Keyboard, which enables real-time performances of synthesized Vocaloid singing, by entering Japanese lyrics and pitch simultaneously". Disclaimer: the package does not include an Asian kid-genius to play it, which essentially renders the keyboard utterly useless for Western consumers!

And second, the official Chinese Vocaloid website has revealed the official images for their five Vocaloid characters. "The images are refined by their official artist ideolo, based on the Top 5 winners' illustrations" from a fan contest back in January, writes CR.

Vocaloids China
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