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Masayuki Ishikawa's germs-infested manga Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture is getting a second anime adaptation, following a TV anime in 2007 and a live-action drama in 2010. Like both of those, the newly announced TV anime series - titled Moyashimon Returns - will be airing on Fuji TV's late-night programming block "Noitamina". Starting from July.

Moyashimon Returns

The original story follows a college student named Tadayasu Sawaki, who discovers that he can see and communicate with bacteria and other micro-organisms - germs that appear as super-deformed, super-noisy characters, who consider him to be their friend.

The new anime's official website went online today, noting that Moyashimon Returns will be shown at next week's Anime Contents Expo (ACE). And the manga's 11th volume was also released in Japan today, by the way.
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