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A superb collection of four anime shorts was released for free online viewing, as a way of promoting various tourist attractions from Japan's Saitama prefecture. The web anime comprising these shorts is called The Four Seasons, and you can also watch it locally in its entirety, streamed via YouTube.

The Four Seasons

The final episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys aired yesterday in Japan and, at the end of it, a 2nd Nichibros anime season has been suggested. A more clear announcement is expected to be made by the end of April.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Rion, a 12-year-old girl character-slash-mascot for Taiwan's Taipei City Mall, voiced by Japanese seiyuu Kana Hanazawa (Guilty Crown, Nisemonogatari, Haganai), is getting some sort of anime adaptation. Does that make sense to anyone?...

And before calling it a day (it's pretty late-night around here), I highly recommend you read an interesting article about the 2ch forum and the dubious shell company behind it...
"When asked, [the company's only director, Effendy Ahamed Harith Merican] said that he had never heard of a message board called 2channel."
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